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You Can Be You Tube

Posted by Bruce Hildenbrand Nov 24, 2009

My friend Buzz Yancich turned me onto something really cool to do on your bike. Most of us need a bit of motivation, from time to time, to get out and ride and Buzz's idea is one such motivator not to mention that it is just a whole heck of a lot of fun.


Buzz showed up on a ride one day with a mini-tripod and his digital camera. Both Buzz and I like to do a lot of climbing on the bike. With lots of climbing, there is usually lots of descending. So, when we got to the top of one particularly twisty and technical descent, Buzz used the tripod (Ultrapod Mini) to attach his camera securely to his handlebars.


He set his camera on video mode, pressed the start button and let the fun begin. What resulted was a pretty cool video of the two of us weaving and winding our way through the redwoods. OK. We are not 'Il Falco',(well, Buzz is pretty fast) but it was pretty cool to watch the video post-ride to see how we were doing.


Buzz is pretty darn good at this stuff. Check out his descent of Monte Baldo in Italy. It is a great video:


Just a couple of caveats.  First off, please don't push past your limits on a descent just to make your video look good. The laws of physics can dish out some harsh penalties if violated.  Secondly, if the road is bumpy, you might get a lot of jarring in your video. One solution is to try a helmet mount, but that is harder to keep focused on the road ahead.


Having said all that, just go out there and have at it. Be as creative as you like and have fun doing it.



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