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Bad Day at the Office

Posted by Bruce Hildenbrand Feb 21, 2008

I wrote in my blog a couple of weeks ago how much I hated riding in the rain. Well, the skies have opened up on the Amgen Tour of California (AToC) today and things have gotten messy. This is the showcase stage, 135 miles down ultra-scenic Highway 1. Unfortunately, the seasonal 20-30 mph north tailwind which usually propels the peloton on the race's longest stage to an average speed close to 30 mph, has done a 180 degree turnabout. Not only are the racers riding into a bitingly cold 20-30mph wind, but lashing rain has made it just that much more unpleasant.


OK. These guys are pros and they have to be prepared for a few days of rain here and there, but this is almost a perfect storm scenario coming on the day after the hardest stage in AToC history. Not surprisingly, there have been a number of notable abandons including Tom Danielson, Ivan Dominguez and almost half of the German-based Team Gerlosteiner.


In the press room, watching the race on TV, it definitely looks like a case of "anywhere but here" for the 110 or so riders remaining in the race. These guys are going to need some hot showers, a nice long massage and some good food as tomorrow is the all-important individual time trial (ITT) -- which will almost surely determine who will wear the gold race leader's jersey to the finish in Pasadena come Sunday. Look for a two-way battle between Leipheimer and Cancellara with Millar and Zabriskie as potential spoilers. Don't miss it!


A couple of quick notes: I talked with Tyler Hamilton of Rock Racing yesterday. He told me that, as I reported a few days ago, Rock Racing had a letter from the UCI, dated February 14th, that said there were no open doping investigations on any member of the team. Michael Ball made that letter public at his press conference last Saturday. Tyler indicated that the race organizers claimed to have a letter from the UCI, dated February 16th, that said there was an open doping investigation. However, nobody has seen this new letter. This whole affair seems reminiscent of the movie Animal House with Rock Racing being on "double secret probation."


Word is circulating that the AToC may visit the San Diego area next year. It is not clear at this writing if the race will increase the number of days it will run or if some of this year's stages will be scrapped to make room for the trek south. Stay tuned for details.



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Crunch Time

Posted by Bruce Hildenbrand Feb 19, 2008

Even though we have had three days of very exciting racing at the Amgen Tour of California (AToC), the real race for the overall title begins tomorrow with a potentially epic stage over the 4,200-foot Mount Hamilton and the 2,000-foot Sierra Road, which boast grades of up to 15 percent as it climbs 1,800 feet in 3.8 miles.  Expect to see riders like Levi Leipheimer, Jens Voigt, Jason McCartney, Tom Danielson, Robert Gesink, Chris Horner and Janez Brajkovic in the mix in the final miles of the stage.


The big guns will be firing and with cloudy skies and the potential for a few showers, the stage could take on epic proportions. This is clearly the hardest road stage ever held in the AToC's young history and will undoubtedly see a small group of riders who are not considered contenders for the overall title go up the road even before the Mount Hamilton climb. These "no-hopers" may even stay clear to the top of Mount Hamilton and all the way to the base of the brutal Sierra Road, but look for their shot at stage glory to be erased on the slopes of the AToC's signature climb.


As legendary cycling photographer Graham Watson put it, "Levi doesn't need to win in San Jose, he just needs to shed himself of some of his competitors." Yeah, baby! The race is on!


In other notes, Slipstream/Chipotle rider Tyler Farrar who took over the AToC leader's jersey has a bit if difficult to pronounce last name. It's 'Farra' to you, just like that Charlie's Angel who used to be married to Ryan ONeal.


Scott Nydam who, like his BMC Racing teammate Jackson Stewart the day before, went on a long solo break on Stage 2 from Santa Rosa to Sacramento. Scott lives in Sebastapol which is close to the stage start. He told me he had several reasons to go off on a raining day in search of glory. First off, his father was recently diagnosed with leukemia and though the cancer is in remission, he wanted to do something for his dad. Secondly, Scott is a climbing specialist and was disappointed with how he rode on the Coleman Valley ascent yesterday especially since he trains a lot on that climb and knows it well. Good on ya, Scott.


And it appears that Super Mario is back. While he lost the final sprint to his heir apparent, Tom Boonen, Super Mario definitely seems to be enjoying what he calls his second career on the bike.  A podium finish in Sacramento was a huge result for the upstart Rock Racing team. Michael Ball's squad appears to be settling into a rhythm and has put the first few turbulent days behind them. Rumor has it that Rock Racing may get the 25th and final team spot for the first classic of the season, Milan-San Remo, a race Il Leone has won and his teammate Freddie Rodriguez has finished second.


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