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In September US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood will hold a summit to address the dangers of text-messaging and other distractions while behind the wheel of a car. The League of American Bicyclists ( is working with the Department of Transportation to help provide information for this summit.


If you have been involved in an accident (bike-car or car-car) that was due in full or in part because of a distracted driver, the League of American Bicyclists wants to hear from you. The League set a deadline of August 21 for sending E-mails, but I would strongly urge anyone to send them an E-mail as soon as possible. They can be reached through their website.


There are a number of very good reasons to ban text-messaging and cell phones for that matter from moving vehicles. All statistics indicate that you are way more likely to be involved in an accident while operating your cell phone. People who say they are more focused on their driving while talking on their cell phone are just kidding themselves. All the statistics prove otherwise.


Yes, most of us now have cell phones and they have become an integral part of our lives, but the reality is that we are distracted while using them while driving. So, even if you haven't been the victim of an accident caused by a distracted driver, you should use your cell phone responsibly.


BTW, in California (and other states as well) it is against the law to use a non-hands free cell phone while driving. Unfortunately, this hasn't deterred a surprising number of drivers from feeling that their lives are too important to obey the law. California really needs to increase the fines to north of $100 per violation, but they should also be taking at least a point, if not two, from the driver's license of violators.


C'mon. If you really need to use your cell phone in California while driving, buy a "hands free" device. It is just that simple.



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