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Calorie Bargain: E4B

Posted by DietDetective Jul 28, 2007

Is this your first time hearing the term Calorie Bargain? Calorie Bargains are foods, drinks, products and services that help you live a healthier life. Here's the first one: E4B (Do you have any Calorie Bargain you think that we should try? Email me at info AT If we use it I will send you a free copy of my latest book.)


E4B (


The Why: Of course having fresh fruit is always the best, but e4b is really an extraordinary food product--and it's pretty close to the "real thing". In a (squeezable!) nutshell, it's blended fruit in a pouch-that's it. The name is short for "Easy For Busy". There are absolutely no additives, no cream, nor preservatives-nothing. The packaging is a uniquely designed squeeze pouch, which is innovative, convenient, and smart. I've been testing this stuff for more than a week, having some each morning for an energy boost-and I just think it's great.


The idea for E4B was created when Lucia Klansek wanted her son Niko to snack on healthy smoothies before his basketball games in middle school. Once the mother and son entrepreneurial team found the E4B revolutionary pouch in Italy (designed by NASA), they knew they could package the essence of what a true smoothie should be, and created E4B - 100% natural blended fruit in a pouch.


The Health Bonus: E4B is produced by simply blending fresh fruit, and as a result, E4B contains the same nutritional benefits that are found in fruit. (It's not strained, so all the fiber is still "in there".) E4B is rich in vitamins and minerals, and fiber--for instance, the Blueberry/Raspberry has 3g per serving. The following are the amount of fruit in each pouch.


  • Pear/Caramel: ½ Pear, 1 Apple, ¼ Banana

  • Blueberry/Raspberry: 110 Blueberries, 6 Raspberries, ½ Banana, 1 ½ Apple

  • Mango: 2 Mangos, 1 Apple, 1/3 Banana

  • Strawberry/Banana: 6 Strawberries, ½ Banana, 1 Apple

  • Kiwi: 1 Kiwi, 1 Passion Fruit, 1 Apple


What We Liked Best: They taste amazing, and the packaging is fantastic. My favorite is the Pear/Caramel-it's off the charts. You can also use these to make frozen fruit drinks, popcicles, as a topping for pancakes, or even on top of ice cream.


What We Liked Least: That they're not everywhere...I wish they'd appear whenever I'm out and about--and need a boost.


What It Replaces: A candy bar, donut, muffin. Maybe even a Snapple?


The Price: 1 Case with 10 Units is $29.99-Not "cheap", but cheaper than purchasing the whole fruit equivalents.


Offerings: Mango, Pear/Caramel, Strawberry/Banana, Blueberry/Raspberry and Kiwi.



Where to Buy:




Nutritional Information: Strawberry Banana, Serving Size 4 oz, or 1/3 container, Calories 70, Fat Cal. 0, Total Fat 0g, Sat. Fat 5g, Trans Fat, 0g, Cholest. 0mg, Sodium 10mg, Total Carb. 18g, Dietary Fiber 1g, Sugars 16g, Protein 0g.







  • Mango: Apples, Mangos, Bananas, Apple Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavor

  • Pear/Caramel: Apples, Pears, Bananas, Apple Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavor: Vanilla, Pear, Caramel

  • Strawberry/Banana: Apples, Strawberries, Bananas, Cherry Juice, Apple Juice Concentrate, Aronia Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavors

  • Blueberry/Raspberry: Apples, Blueberries, Bananas, Raspberries, Apple Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavors

  • Kiwi: Apples, Kiwis, Apple Juice Concentrate, Passion Fruit Concentrate, Bananas


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Posted by DietDetective Jul 28, 2007

Hello. Many of you have read my columns in the newsletters, so you might be familiar with my work. I'm excited to extend my "take" on the world of fitness and nutrition to the audience. I know that many of you are nutrition and exercise aficionados so I will be extra careful about what I post in this blog. Mostly, I will try to let you see what I see, give you access to information from my network of experts; show you products that I think are worthy of your attention; and share with you my satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the general world of health.


Just in case you have not read my bio, and this is the first time your seeing my name and wondering "who is this guy, and what can he tell ‘me' about nutrition and fitness" -here you go: my name is Charles Stuart Platkin, I'm the founder of, I have a syndicated column that's in more than 165 daily papers, I've also written 5 books on health and behavior. As far as academic background: I received my undergraduate degree from Cornell University, a Juris Doctorate from Fordham University, and a Masters in Public Health from Florida International University. I'm also a certified personal trainer and I'm currently completing my Ph.D. in Public Health. . This blog will not always be fancy or well written: It will be from my mind, to keyboard, to computer. There might be typos, grammatical errors, and run on sentences. But that's fine, because I know you'll get the ultimate point. You can always reach me by emailing me at info +AT



Thanks again for giving me your attention and trust, I will do my best to take good care.




Stay well,



Diet Detective



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