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The Why: The weather's nice ... so hit the road, Jack. And don't just guess how far you'll go. Thanks to, you can go the distance and a whole lot more. This is a great tool for travelers, avid wanderers looking for new journeys, and/or those who want to share their favorite routes with family and friends. In a nutshell, this is how it works: 1) You enter your starting location and are shown a map. 2) You can zoom in and out, select satellite images to show photos of streets and landmarks, and even mark pit stops along the way. 3) You can save your route and get info such as distance, time, speed and calories burned.


The Health Bonus: Exercising at the appropriate intensity for the right length of time helps you lose weight and is key to keeping it off. Knowing how far you went, your pace and the approximate number of calories your workout burned will help you schedule and account for the physical activity.


What We Liked Best: You can label and save your routes to your own profile, choose to share them with the public, and/or e-mail them to share with others.



What We Liked Least: Never knowing about this before - "Where've you been all my life?"



What It Replaces: Overestimating or underestimating your workout. There will be no more "fish stories" ... now you'll really know the ground you cover.



The Price: Free.


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