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Well today was a bust

Posted by Clint Randall Jun 22, 2008

So today was supposed to be my long run...actually 8 miles to be exact. I have been feeling a bit tired this week so I decided to cut it back to 5 miles just so I can get some distance without killing myself. Turns out I barely made it 3 miles and felt like **** the whole time.






When will this end???





I know I need to change certain things in my life (i.e. sleep habits, food intake) to enable me to have more energy, but I have never felt this run down in a long time.




I've decided to run the Baystate Marathon as my qualifier for the Boston Marathon. It's close and from what I've heard its the easiest marathon to run that will qualify you for the Boston. One thing I've also found out about running in New England is that no race is ever easy.......ever.








Until next time,




Happy running!








"I don't just go out there and run. I like to give people watching something exciting."







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