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I am getting up in miles for my long training runs in preparation for the Disney Marathon . Although I am running the race with my brother, he lives in St. Louis so we aren't able to train together. I had to run 15 miles Friday and I just couldn't motivate myself to run along my usual training route on the lakefront path in Chicago. It is a great place to train as it runs 18 miles along the beautiful lakefront, but it is where I coach year-round and I am just plain burnt out on the course.



So, when the motivation and scenery is lacking in my long runs, I add an element of adventure to spice things up. I decided to run home from the north shore, or on a point-to-point course.  I mapped out on the USATF map routing website  and calculated where 15 miles north of our home is. Then had my husband John drop me off and ran home!  It is my favorite way to get in a long run because every step brings you closer to your goal (home), the course is new and it includes a few great hills which are lacking in the city.



As I ran my way south towards the city, I navigated to find quiet side streets with less traffic.  It became a game of finding the best route home.  It was a beautiful fall day and there was a nice tail wind to push me forward. Mixing up your terrain is the easiest way to bring new energy and excitement to your runs. Especially when you are running long...



My next long run I hope to run with my brother Thanksgiving weekend. It will give us a chance to catch up and learn each other's pace. It will be a 16 miler, and another good opportunity to run point to point. But this time I may have John drop us off on the south end of the lakefront path and run 16 of the 18 miles north to show off our beautiful city.



The next time your motivation is lacking, try a point to point route and see what you can find along the way!



Happy Trails,



Coach Jenny

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