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Magical Marathon

Posted by Coach Jenny Hadfield on Jan 15, 2008 7:37:55 PM

I'm just now healing from the Disney Marathon Sunday.  I ran it with my brother Scott (Team Hadfield) and we did so in memory of my father who passed away last year from a brain tumor.  Disney was the nucleus of our family vacations.  My parents use to throw us in the van and drive us from Chicago to Orlando in the Spring.  We would be arguing by the Indiana border, have barricades up to separate us kids by Tennessee and my parents were ready to burn the "Sound of Music" eight track tape because it was the only thing we wanted to listen to.  Ahhh, the good times:)


It truly was a magical marathon.  It is rare to have a perfect marathon from start to finish but we did just that.  It was warm for us (65 and very humid 78 by the end) so we took it slow.  We took pictures in every park and believe it or not there were lines to get photos with the Disney characters!  We picked up the pace in the second half (negative split) and he ran his fastest mile at the end.  A picture perfect way to run a marathon!  There is almost nothing better than being able to run hard at the end of a race.  It takes patience and discipline, but if you can pull it off it is the best!  Plus, your finish line photo looks great too.  


Life has a funny way of coming back to you.  I spent my childhood vacations at Disney World with my family and it always brought us closer together.  And this trip was just as special.  Four theme parks, 26.2 miles and a fantastic 15th Anniversary Marathon Medal.  What is better than that?


Now it is on to Cabo San Lucas for the Half Marathon with my team Chicago Endurance Sports.  It should be a fun race with only 2,000 runners and a peaceful weekend with great running buddies.  I have been focusing heavily on my recovery over the last few days.  Although I ran the marathon easy, it still takes a toll on the body.  I soaked in ice (pool) after the race, ate well, and walked regularly Sunday and Monday.  Today I got a massage which really helped to loosen up my legs.  Tomorrow I will walk easy and stretch and try a very easy run on Thursday and Friday.  Full marathon recovery can take up to 4 weeks and depends on age, intensity of your race performance, training and nutrition to name of few.  Recovery starts the minute you cross the finish line and continues for weeks.  I feel good and I'm looking forward to running a race in Mexico.


Coach Jenny Hadfield


Author, Running for Mortals and Marathoning for Mortals

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