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Base Building

Posted by Coach Jenny Hadfield Feb 20, 2008

Although we're within weeks of springtime, it still feels so far away.  Today's high in Chicago is a mere 5 degrees and the windchill -15.   I know, I know, I shouldn't complain as it is colder somewhere else but this season has really been quite brutal.  it's a good thing it is base building time.  This is the perfect time of year to build a strong base of easy paced (aerobic) running.  It's cold, we have less sun and running outdoors can be challenging to say the least. 


Heading out or in for an easy run and staying at conversational pace is the perfect strategy for developing a strong foundation of mileage from which to launch your speed, hills and longer runs in the coming months.  I see many runners make the same mistake every year and train at the same intensity or too hard year round.  That only ends up with injury, aches and pains and in many cases a slower than expected race performance because you end up fatigued and burnt out by race day.




If you are training for a summer or fall event, take the time now to build a foundation of easy effort mileage.  You may find that you enjoy it and you will for sure reap the benefits down the road as you move into more demanding phases of your preparation.




Run Happy...








Coach Jenny Hadfield



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