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Well, I'm back from the last frontier and getting ready for our next adventure, the Chicago Distance Classic Half Marathon. But before I move on with CDC, I must do a recap.


Every once in awhile I find myself surrounded by an amazing "group" of people. Meaning everyone in the group is simply amazing.


Sometimes it is a small group and other times, like on our cruise, it is a larger group. In either case, the group is fueled by the collection of amazing energy that comes from each person. I like to call it "karma." The best way to describe this journey, the Great Alaskan Maritime Marathon was a fun adventure with some of the greatest folks I'd ever want to meet. We had runners from Thailand, Australia, Canada and all over the nation. All of whom immediately bonded at the cocktail party on our very first evening together.




I think it was because everyone was willing to put their preconceived expectations aside and went with the flow. We set up the staged marathon so that in each port you run a race...and by the end of the trip you complete 26.2 miles (the fun way:). That, in and of itself is a challenge, but we added to the adventure by asking them to gently step outside their comfort zones for the week. To try something new and challenge themselves in less traditional way. From learning to navigate to running on a tough trail, everyone took on the challenge, embraced the path less traveled and grew together and individually for it in the end. BTW, I am a firm believer that you practice what you preach so I made myself where pretty high heals (okay, high for me) and formal dresses most of the week. (completely out of my comfort zone) It as tough but I loved every minute.  Well, except when my feet began to talk to me.


Anyway, I am grateful that I get to do what I love for a living and others are willing to adventure on with me. It was a privilege to spend a week with such a great group of runners and walkers and I have a lot of wonderful memories to boot!


The Great Alaskan Marathon Cruise will set sail again in June, 2010. John and I hope you can make it!


Happy Trails,







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'Tis the season for pedicures...even for the guys!  Many runners have regular pedicures to keep your feet looking good in the summer, but are they good for you?   There is much controversey about this and the short answer is they are both good and bad.  Pedicures can be


useful for runners in maintaining healthy feet, but you do need to practice a little caution when you head to the salon.  A typical

pedicure includes a warm water foot soak, cuticle and nail trim and file, buffing/shaving of calluses, polish and a foot and lower leg

massage.  All of which can be useful in keeping your feet healthy. 



The area of caution is in the buffing and shaving of calluses.  If this is done too aggressively, it can cause problems with blisters,

especially if done too close to a long training run or a race.  In fact, many even suggest skipping the buffing altogether due to a risk in developing blisters.  Most salons have stopped "shaving" due to risk of infection.  If they get out that tool, ask them to use the buff and to do so very gently...The best thing to do is to tell the pedicurist that you are a runner and you want a soft, gentle buff (or none at all).  And if you have huge calluses that are painful, it is best to see a sports doc to evaluate the best way for them to be removed.


For those that are new to getting pedicures, don't expect the magic to happen overnight.  It's like running, depending on the condition of your feet, it may take a few months and a couple of pedicures to get your feet on the right path. 




If you are an endurance runner training for an event, schedule your pedicures well in advance of your longest training runs (1 month) and after the race to avoid the risk of blistering.  Some may not experience problems, especially if you forego the callus work, but it

is always wise to error on the side of caution.




Also make sure the salon is clean and sterilizes the tools before and after each pedicure.  This is not the place to save money.  It pays

to invest in a salon that will take care of you.





Happy Trails,





Coach Jenny



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