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Wow, what a weekend we had in Chicago.  We (Chicago Endurance Sports) trained a team for the Chicago Half Marathon

and for many, it was their first shot at the distance.  So I was

pleasantly surprised to see so many of them show up at the start Sunday

even though the rain was coming down in sheets!


Chicago had what

they are now calling a "20-Year Rain" with over 8 inches in some areas

this weekend.  It just kept coming down.  The race staff had to make a

lot of last minute changes due to flooding and tackled the huge

challenge of putting on the race in horrible conditions.  I must say I

was really impressed with our runners for showing up and towing the

line on a horrible day (and a day that was perfect for sleeping in).  I

am equally impressed with all the volunteers and family and friends

that stood out there helping us run the race.  The Chicago Half

Marathon staff did a phenomenal job in challenging conditions and we

all got through it one inch at a time.


Sometimes racing in the worst conditions makes for the best of memories. 


Congrats to all that were involved!



Coach Jenny



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Country Roads

Posted by Coach Jenny Hadfield Sep 8, 2008


There's something about a winding road that sucks me in and takes me

for a ride. I was out in the country this weekend at our annual girls

weekend and had the chance to run on an open, winding, hilly country

road. There is almost nothing cars, plenty of wildlife and

fresh, crisp air. It was the perfect training run for my upcoming Rim2Rim4Roy Adventure across the Grand Canyon and a most excellent way to defrag and just run.



I'm 30 days out from my GC Adventure and getting in a lot of great

training these days. Some long, fast hikes, some trail runs and a lot

of climbing workouts. It should be a good recipe to get me through.



I want to publicly thank everyone for their support (emotional and

financial). We're just beyond the half way point of our goal to raise

$11,000 for the Tug McGraw Foundation.  (Which also happens to be the total amount of elevation gain on our journey)  



If you are interested in making a donation to the team (every penny counts), CLICK HERE.



Happy Trails,



Coach Jenny



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Training Races

Posted by Coach Jenny Hadfield Sep 2, 2008

I'm just back from a long weekend at the Virginia Beach Rock n Roll Half Marathon.

This is one of my favorite races of the season and a fun way to end the

summer. It was a funny race for me and I struggled a little with the

humidity. I think mostly because the weather in Chicago has been dry

and cool all summer that I just wasn't acclimated for the 87% humidity

even though the temps weren't crazy hot (75-80).


I can always

tell how I will do in a race based on what my hair looks like:)  Nice,

smooth curls = a strong race. Out of control frizz = a tough race. And

the minute I stepped off the plane in Norfolk, my hair looked like Rosseane, Roseannadanna.

It's actually a great barometer for knowing when to cut back on pace

and go with what the day brings, and I did just that. I actually used

this race as a training run for my Rim2Rim4Roy challenge in early October. I ran to the start, ran the half marathon

and then walked back to the hotel. Twenty miles in total and a perfect

training day for me.  If you're looking to get in a fun training run and can control your pace, try using a half marathon and warm up with a few miles before the gun goes off.  I will often use half marathons as supported long runs, especially if I am on the road traveling.  Plus, you get the extra bennies too (sports drink, bathrooms, shirt, medal...)


So I guess we're headed into fall, and with that begins my search for the perfect carmel apple. Because what is fall without carmel apples?  Not a fall at all...


Happy Trails,


Coach Jenny

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