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Weight Loss Challenge

Posted by DBabbit Sep 2, 2008

The main reason I want to lose weight is because of health reasons. Currently, my BMI is 29, I weigh 175 lbs, and I have severe arthritis in my hips and spine, so losing weight is a must! The second reason is, of course, to remain healthy. Things don't look too bad now, but I'm at high risk for Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, and all that other nasty stuff. I could also end up in a wheelchair due to the fact that my hips are 50% disintegrated, and that is a real wake up call!


So, onward and upward. I can no longer run, jog, or do any strenuous stuff, but I can swim (great for the joints), do core exercises, a few Yoga positions, and I've just found Pilates, so will be doing some extra stretching. I'm hoping that by using Yoga and Pilates, I will become more limber. I have a Bally Ball with stretch bands and 2 lb. weights and I've been using those, and hopefully, I'll be able to add walking to the list. I really miss that!






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This is a blog for healthy recipes, nutrititional information, my weight loss goals and challenges. I'll also include a few videos, links to the sites I use, and exercise routines.

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