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DEMRR Race Guide

Posted by Michael Fujita Aug 17, 2007

I sent a draft of the race guide to The Bike Shop today.  I must have sent him the old one because it is a little messed up.  Anyway, you can see the race guide at their site






I ordered trophies for the racers today too.  I was going to get plaques but thought trophies would be much cooler.  I would take a trophy over a plaque any day.




We have almost 90 people signed up now.  I need 30 more by Sunday to feel comfortable.  Funny thing...the person who complains most still hasn't signed up.



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Permits & Route

Posted by Michael Fujita Aug 15, 2007

We have all of our permits set.  I got the asesment for HPD today.  It will be about $6,000 this year.  We will need about 148 racers to break even.


Now that our rout is set, I can finalize the race guide.  I will post it as soon as I get it done.



Kona Brewing didn't want to host us this year so we are looking at Gordon Beirsch.  We are going to have to start the awards at 2:30 because we have to give the stage up at 4:00.





Look for the race guide in a future post.





See the route on google maps.



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