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Dave Scott shares his final thoughts on the championship efforts of Craig Alexander and Chrissie Wellington. He spoke with Alexander after the race to find out just how much the run leg took out of him. Plus, Andy Potts's impressive debut, how well could Chrissie have done without that flat tire, and Dave becomes a believer in the high socks fad.


Also in this podcast, Dave talks about recovering after an Ironman. When should you start running again? And what should you do on race day or the day after? (You may not want to hear this.)


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On one of the foggiest days to hit Kona in a long time, Dave Scott calls in with his men's and women's race previews. After checking up on Normann Stadler and Faris al-Sultan (they're both feeling good), Dave runs down the list of 2008 contenders.


Click below to find out who he thinks can make a run at Ironman glory, and be sure to check back tomorrow for updates from the course.



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After attending the VIP party to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Ironman, Dave Scott calls in to talk about his 45-mile morning bike ride and the oft-asked question of how many calories an athlete should take in during the race.


Dave's answer includes figs, 10 bananas on the bike leg and the single biggest problem amateurs tend to have with nutrition. Click below to find out more...



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Active Expert and 6-time Ironman champion Dave Scott calls in his first podcast from the Big Island. After arriving, Dave heads to the pool where he meets one of the Big Four, Scott Molina. Dave also runs into Mark Allen and Craig Alexander, who "looks like a convict."


Click on the graphic below to find out who people are picking as a favorite for the women's race. And Dave brings in an expert to explain just what the heck "vog" is.



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Readying for Race Day

Posted by davescott Oct 2, 2008

Did you feel sluggish in your most recent 140.6-distance race, or did you hit the taper right on the mark? If you fell flat—muscles felt heavy, breathing was a bit labored, and you didn't meet your expectations—then you most likely over-looked several components of a proper taper.


So starts Dave Scott's article +Countdown to an Ironman: Dave Scott's 21-day Tapering Plan+. With the 2008 Ironman World Championships only nine days away, those athletes competing on the Big Island have already started their taper. But for those of you with full-distance races in the near futureIM Florida, IM Arizona, Silvermannow is the time to begin thinking about how you'll prepare yourself for race day.


Additionally, here are a few more Dave Scott articles to help you on your quest for peak triathlon performance:


Nutritional Fueling for an Ironman


20 Pre-Kona Racing Tips


Dave Scott's Top 5 Race-day Nutritional Tips

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