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Active Expert: Dave Scott

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In this edition of his audio blog Q and A, Dave answers a reader's question on the benefits of using a coach. Can this 47-year-old triathlon rookie train to do an Ironman by the time he's 50?


Also, Dave tackles the common problem of calf-cramping on the run--offering flexibility and nutritional advice to counter this problem.


Click below to listen to Ironman legend Dave Scott's latest podcast:



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In this week's podcast, Dave answers three questions sent to him from you, the readers.


After unforeseen circumstances caused Rebecca to miss a marathon, she wonders what it will take to be adequately prepared for another one just a month away. Dave explains how she should train from four weeks out following a brief downtime, and examines the training and tapering relationship as the event draws near.


Veteran triathlete Rich has been experiencing some oblique soreness while cycling. The three doctors he visited didn't seem to help, so Dave offers some advice on easing the pain, what supplement to take, and a few exercises and stretches that will lead to stronger, healthier oblique muscles.


Thomas has been having trouble avoiding the bonk during his 70.3 races. His doctor told him it might be the stevia found in his nutritional supplements. For this problem, Dave does the math on Thomas' caloric intake and finds some deficiencies. He also gives his advice on searching for a fluid replacement drink that is right for the individual.


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After attending the VIP party to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Ironman, Dave Scott calls in to talk about his 45-mile morning bike ride and the oft-asked question of how many calories an athlete should take in during the race.


Dave's answer includes figs, 10 bananas on the bike leg and the single biggest problem amateurs tend to have with nutrition. Click below to find out more...



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