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Dear Glenn,


Here's another question from a patient:



Hello Dr. Hyman,



I've been experiencing an annoying pain that originates

in my glute and goes down the back of my leg. You treated

a friend of mine for sciatica (I'm assuming that's what

this is). Can you help me and how?



The answer:



"Sciatica" refers to pain in the sciatic nerve's

distribution, down the back of the leg. It's caused

most commonly by one of two problems:



Pressure on the nerve from a bulging disc.

Pressure on the nerve from the muscles in the area.



The muscular cause is way more common.



The first step is to perform a thorough examination

and make sure your problem is not caused by a

herniated disc. If it is, that can be treated,

but treatment is different.



If I determine that the pain comes from the muscles,

I will identify the muscles involved and release them.

I do this by applying gentle tension to the muscle and

combining that with specific movements. This is

known as Active Release Technique®, which I am

certified to provide (I'm also an ART instructor).



If the joints in your low back and pelvis

are stiff and contributing to the problem,

they may be adjusted. Adjustments are a

gentle way to loosen joints. Very little

force is used with adjustments and they

usually feel great.



The first step is to make an appointment and let

me determine what's causing your sciatica, then

we can determine the correct treatment plan.



On average, 4-8 visits are required.




If anyone that you know is suffering from

sciatica, tell him or her to call us at

303.300.0424. We can help.



Glenn Hyman



Denver Chiropractic Center



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