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Some men may reach their mid-40s or beyond and realize thatthey have arrived at a sexual crossroad in their life: they are now faced witherectile dysfunction. It’s characterized by the inability to get or to maintainan erection at will.


If this is you every time you are having sex, or even justsomething that occurs every once in a while, there are actions that you cantake with natural and prescription medicationsfor erectile dysfunction. Let’s compare them so you know what to do fortreatment.


Benefits of Medications for Erectile Dysfunction

Prescription erectiledysfunction medications are the conventionaltreatment options for lots of men. A doctor monitors their usage, which somemen prefer. They offer a variety of brands that all feature different perks. Theydo treat erectile dysfunction effectively.


Costs of Erectile Dysfunction Medications

The costs of prescription medications for erectile dysfunction are off the charts. If youdon’t have insurance, you could pay up to twenty five US dollars per pill. Ifyou do have insurance, then they are a little bit cheaper. This is not evenfactoring in the costs of doctor visits that are required for getting erectile dysfunction medications.


Risks of Medications for Erectile Dysfunction

Look up “medicationsfor erectile dysfunction” on the FDA’s website, and you will find pagesupon pages of lists side effects, interactions and adverse reactions. Much likeother drugs, erectile dysfunction medications have their own innate andrelated risks. Only a doctor can advise you about the risks of usingprescription medications for erectiledysfunction.


Natural ErectileDysfunction Medications

With natural erectiledysfunction medications, you canfind them online, and they are not regulated by the FDA because they are notconsidered to be drugs. They are comprised of highly potent herbal extracts thatmimic the effects of prescription medicationsfor erectile dysfunction. They most often are called: male enhancers.


Benefits of NaturalMedications for Erectile Dysfunction


Unlike prescribed erectile dysfunction medications, naturalcures have more benefits to offer:

  • They     work faster
  • They     last longer
  • They     don’t require a prescription
  • They     are more attainable
  • They     are more affordable
  • They     treat premature ejaculation
  • They     boost testosterone
  • They     enhance pleasure
  • They     increase stamina and endurance


Costs of Natural Erectile Dysfunction Medications

The most enjoyable aspect of natural medications for erectile dysfunction is that they are veryaffordable. Unlike drugs, you can get a whole month’s supply for a relativelyaffordable price tag. You can also order them online, which offers you morediscretion and privacy. Unlike meds, you can also get a full refund – of theleading best brands – if the product does not perform to your likings andstandards.

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The Top Causes forErectile Dysfunction: Do you know what they are and how it’s affectingyour life; more specifically, your sex life? Let’s examine the top leadingcauses for erectile dysfunctions so you can better understand what they are.Knowledge is power, and by knowing what causes erectile dysfunction are, youcan then be proactive and take action to rectify them so that you can enjoy sexlike you used to.

  • The     aging process
  • Anxiety     or stress
  • Depression
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Drug     abuse
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Diseases
  • Hypertension
  • Poor     diet
  • Low     testosterone


Who Suffers From ErectileDysfunctions?

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunctions, you are notalone by any means. In fact, recent statistics purport that more than 30million adult males in the United  States are afflicted with erectile dysfunction.That’s a lot of men who are suffering.


Prescription Meds toTreat All Factor that CausesErectile Dysfunction

There are several brands of prescription meds that you canlook into that treat the erectile dysfunction cause. Make sure to ask yourdoctor about them, and to research them so you can better understand how theywork. The only way to get these meds is by seeing a doctor first.


Risks and Costs ofMeds for Erectile Dysfunction

The FDA lists a dozen risks and side effects to usingmedications to treat the causes for erectile dysfunction. You can find these bylooking them up under their brand names on the FDA’s website. Cost is a factoras well. Drugs that treat erectile dysfunction can range in cost from $5 - $25per pill.


Surgery for ErectileDysfunction

While rare, in some cases you can opt for surgery to treatthe erectile dysfunction cause.Vascular damage can be corrected in some cases with a minor surgical procedure.Only a doctor and a surgeon can advise you on this. Keep in mind that surgeryis a costly and invasive, painful option.


Natural Supplementsfor Treating the ErectileDysfunction Cause

More men are turning to natural supplements to treat the causes erectile dysfunction becausethey are more available, they are nonprescription, they are less embarrassingand they are easy to use and take; and they actually do work as well as their prescriptiondrug counterparts do.


When looking for supplements, ensure they are doctorapproved, use only premium ingredients, have no reported side effects, are safeto use with alcohol, that they work fast and last long, and that the makeroffers a money back guarantee so you can get the best brands. In this manneryou can treat erectile dysfunctions naturally and affordably.

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