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Extreme Fitness Challenge

July 2010

I hope your day is AWESOME...


You Ain't Got The GUTS - Extreme Fitness Challenge is for All Fitness Levels. It is a Charitable Event that will allow everyone to have FUN, be Challenged, Stay Focus and achieve success, right before Thanksgiving.


You will navigate through Stone Mountain Park, and every mile will have a New and Exciting Challenge and Obstacle for you to overcome. You will have FUN, hoever, all challenges are not created equally. Remember these three words:


EXTREME - of the greatest possible degree or extent or intensity, to the utmost degree

FITNESS - good physical condition, being in shape or in condition

CHALLENGE - a demanding or stimulating situation - a call to engage in a contest or fight


So do you have the GUTS to take on this challenge. This will fund various charitable organizations for KIDS.


It's your time to shine - "You Ain't Got The GUTS - Extreme Fitness Challenge"

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Extreme Fitness Challenge is for all Fitness Levels that want to participate in the most Fun, Tough, Challenging, Out of the ordinary Fitness Challenge, called "You Ain't Got the GUTS - Extreme Fitness Challenge"

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