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Bike Tours

Posted by Gale Bernhardt Jul 6, 2007


I've been spending this week recovering from riding a bike tour around the northern mountains of Colorado. I have to say I love doing bike tours for the sheer pleasure of focusing on riding from point A to point B, deciding what to eat, deciding the length of my afternoon nap, deciding what to eat, enjoying the great Colorado scenery, deciding what to eat and looking forward to the next day.


For a few years now - seven? I've used week-long bike tours as a crash training week to prepare for long events such as Ironman races or ultra-distance mountain bike races. The mountain bike race is this year's goal. More on that later.


My favorite part of this year's ride was cruising in the center of my very own lane, not obstructing traffic, descending the east side of Trail Ridge Road. New pavement too! It doesn't get much better than that...


A photo of the elevation sign at Rock Cut and my snoozing friend Todd below.








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