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Rotten Dog

Posted by Gale Bernhardt Jul 19, 2007


My dog is spoiled rotten. It's bad, and I am to blame.


She is a 65-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback named Meeka. She believes she is part human, as she sits in the passenger seat of my car like she is a person. She even nonchalantly looks at the passengers in cars next to us at stop lights, checking them out as a human would do. She has her own chair on the patio. When other humans are sitting around chatting, she has two patio positions. One position is sitting up in the chair, looking at the person speaking as if she understands what is being said. The second position is curled up laying down in the chair, trying to snooze her way through a boring conversation.


If Rhodesians get the volume of exercise necessary to keep them happy, they are similar to cats. Meeka likes to snooze in a sunbeam on the living room carpet in the early mornings and sun herself on the backyard grass in the afternoons. When she is not sunning herself, she is supervising my work.


Some people have cats that sit on top of their office desks. Not me, I have a 65-pound dog that has taken over the top of my desk. How does this happen?


She began by alternating between her floor pillow bed and sitting in an office chair next to me. One day she noticed a squirrel climbing the tree outside of my office window and after that it was all over. She kept putting her front paws on the desk, looking for squirrels, bunnies, kitties and birds bathing in the bird bath. Fantastic dog TV.


After I got tired of fishing papers out from behind my desk, I gave in and set her up a bed on top of the desk. I know, I know, I could have taken charge of the situation and demanded that she stay on her floor pillow - but no - I gave in.


Now when she wants to go for a run, she gets her face right next to my computer screen and gives me "the look". She'll fidget and keep cocking her head until I say, "Let's run". She's off that desk like a bullet.


I have to know, is your dog spoiled rotten?

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