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Posted by Gale Bernhardt Oct 23, 2007


I have to tell you it is hard to focus on writing about things that are fun and frivolous when I know people getting evacuated from their homes due to the fires in California. I spoke to a friend, Dallas, in Malibu late last night and he spent his day helping one of his friends evacuate his home.



How to keep the family safe? Where to stay?  What to take? What is important?



Dallas described driving to the home to try to get important items and watching the smoke and fire lap the landscape. Places once beautiful are charred black and smoldering. He said experiencing a disaster is like no other experience in his life. It makes people evaluate what is important.



South of Malibu, I know some of my San Diego area friends have been evacuated from their homes. To all of you there, I hope all goes well. Stay safe.



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