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Estes or Bust

Posted by Gale Bernhardt Nov 7, 2007

In January this year, I wrote a column about goal setting and the characteristics of good, challenging goals. Twelve of us set out to ride to Estes Park once per month throughout 2007. The last I knew, eight people are still on track to make it and receive the coveted award.


Last Sunday, several of us rode to Estes to check off the month of November. We reminisced about our February trip - that was the coldest and windiest ride of the year. The ride included a dermabrasion from the sand on the road. Ah, a grand adventure for sure.



For our Estes goal, there were a few rules:





  • Ride to Estes Park starting from anywhere in Loveland and no further west than the Big Thompson school.

  • Either route, Hwy 34 or Glen Haven, is acceptable.

  • A return trip sans car and via bike back to Loveland is not mandatory, but encouraged when conditions are safe and fitness allows.

  • The honor system is strictly enforced - ride with or without the group, with a buddy or solo.





Estes Park is the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. Tourists flock to the park to see wildlife, including herds of elk. The elk do notice bike riders, especially us. For 2006, the elk gave awards to six cyclists for managing to ride to Estes Park once per month for the entire year. (Yes, the elk were so impressed to see the cyclists each month, they decided to make a personalized award for each cyclist.)



This is last year's award:






And yes, that thing hanging on the bottom of the lower loop is exactly what you think it is - forever fossilized and now waterproofed by craft lacquer.


Estes or bust...



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