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Minus 50 Degrees

Posted by Gale Bernhardt Nov 20, 2007


Yesterday's high temperature was 76 degrees and tomorrow's predicted high is 26. Today was the transition day, with temperatures dropping throughout the day.



I got out for a morning run with my office assistant at about 9:30 am, it was a good break between jobs for both of us. 



When a storm like this one moves in, the air is heavy with humidity and it enhances all of nature's aromas. Everything smells really fresh.



We ran in an open space area nearby and saw a bald eagle. Unfortunately I didn't carry my camera, so no shots for you to see. There will be more opportunities though, I'll be sure to get a shot for you. 



I never get tired of admiring eagles, and all wildlife for that matter. My office assistant feels the same way. It's nice to run with a buddy that enjoys the same routes you do. 



One advantage to the cooler air is it is easier to run faster. I'm not particularly fast, but my office assistant is a phenomenal runner. She's a fantastic athlete, strong and lean.



When we got back to the office, I started writing again. From her chair, my assistant monitored the phones...





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