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My email on Friday said if the temperature is at least 25 degrees on Sunday morning, dry roads and minimal wind the group ride is a "go".



I was out of bed at 6:00 am doing chores and pacing back and forth in the house. There was snow on the ground and heavy fog. I'd look out the east windows to see what was happening outside, then to the west windows. They way our house is situated, we can't see outside the neighborhood from any window in our house.



This continuous pacing always brings the comment, " think the weather is different in the backyard than it is in the front?"



No, I don't think it is, but I hope it is. I hope there is some glimmer of chance that the group ride can "go" today.



At 8:15 am I called my riding buddy Scott to see what the weather was like in Johnstown, about 13 miles east.



"It's sunny and 25 degrees here."



"No kidding?!"



"I'm not kidding. I can see the mountains and everything."



On occasion a storm pushes up against the mountains and gets stuck, taking longer to move away from the foothills than the plains. This was one of those storms.



We decided to call our other mountain biking buddy Todd and go for a mountain bike ride. With chilly temperatures (20 degrees at my house at 8:15 am) we decided the trails would be warmer than the roads and less dangerous.



Shortly before 9:00 am Peter and Lee show up from Ft. Collins (about 12 miles north) with road bikes and say that the roads north are dry. Apparently the snow began about half a mile north of my house.



Bruce rolls up on his road bike and says it was 25 degrees when he left home and it's not too bad. I suppose that is a matter of opinion, but to all of us it seemed not too bad.



In my driveway, left to right, are Peter, Bruce, Lee, Scott and Todd. Notice the snow on the rooftop next door and some remaining in my driveway.





Since Todd came sans road bike, Scott, Todd and I headed for the trails. Bruce, Peter and Lee headed out on the road.



In the photo below Scott and I are getting ready for the trails. I'm glad I have hot water in my hydration pack.





This shot is Todd and Scott walking up one of the snowy/icy sections of the trail. There were only a couple of trail sections that we needed to hike due to ice and snow.





It ended up being a great day on the bikes!



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