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Top-Shelf Champagne

Posted by Gale Bernhardt on Dec 11, 2007 6:31:22 PM

This morning there was champagne powder blanketing the city. This top-shelf champagne powder is one thing that gives Colorado ski resorts world-wide fame. If you are a skier or boarder, you live for the chance to have first run through thigh-deep powder. It literally feels like you're floating on air while you travel down the mountain.


This nine-inch tall Fat Tire microbrew is sitting on a table in my backyard. Within the last week we've accumulated about ten inches of snow on flat surfaces. Some of the mountain resorts have collected several feet of fresh snow.




Years ago, skied quite a bit. These days I don't ski much at all. I suppose that experience and my basic love for the outdoors is what gives me a preference to be outside rather than inside on a snowy day. Today was no exception.



It was about 22 degrees when I headed for the park. Similar to skiing, if you have the right clothing, being out in the cold weather is no problem and really loads of fun. Without the right gear, being out in the cold means being cold. I hate being cold.



I love the person or people that invented Gore-Tex®. (I'll have to research that one day.) I own several pieces of clothing made from Gore-Tex® or a similar product. I've had coats and pants made from the stuff for years. More recently, my favorite running shoes are lined with Gore-Tex® -- Pearl Izumi's syncroSeek trail shoes.



I didn't move nearly as fast as my running partner, but that's okay. I'll take 22 degrees and snow over an indoor hamster run on the treadmill any day.








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