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Sub-Aerobic Training

Posted by Gale Bernhardt Dec 14, 2007

One of the most popular activities this time of the year is the well-known, but seldom discussed, sub-aerobic training. It seems those that use this format of training discuss tips and techniques among themselves, but are somewhat hesitant to share specific workouts publicly. I will give you some insight on this less than ground-breaking activity.


Sub-aerobic training is most popular among La-Z-Boy® owners. They, however, certainly do not have the corner on the market. If you do not own a La-Z-Boy®, in no way should you feel like you cannot participate in this activity.


Build volume slowly


Just like other forms of training, your sub-aerobic training volume should be built slowly over time. Most of the time, it is time itself that takes care of this.



Begin with steady efforts



A good way to begin your training is to sit in any comfy chair, with your feet up. Another option is to totally recline on the couch, floor or, of course, in your La-Z-Boy® if you happen to be an owner. Once you fall in love with this style of training, you can invest in the high-end equipment.



Add some intervals and volume



After you have successfully checked off a few days, or weeks, of steady effort and low volume you can increase volume and/or intensity. Lucky for you, this is one of the few training methods that increasing volume and intensity at the same time is possible.



Adding more volume is obvious. Simply increase your couch, floor or recliner time. If you add intervals, it is much easier to increase volume. For example, break up your couch, floor or recliner time with easy walks to the fridge. Be sure to alternate which hand opens the fridge door so both sides of your body get a balanced workout.



Hang time



In sub-aerobic circles, one of the most popular discussions is hang time.



"What did you do yesterday?"



"Spent time hanging around the fridge"



"How about you?"



"I hung around the cupboard."



Sign up for an event



This time of the year is peak season for events. In some cases you are required to bring something with you to the event and in other cases you can simply show up. It is best to show up early to get a good spot.



Position yourself near the buffet table and spend some hang time. Remember, adding intervals can increase your volume, so consider walking away from that table on occasion. Be certain to remain sub-aerobic when doing so and it is best to avoid any stairs.



When you repeat your stroll to the buffet table, there is a good chance new items have been added. This is good as it allows you to add more hang time to the evening.



New physical condition



If you use these simple tips to increase your sub-aerobic training time, you will achieve a new physical condition that causes jaws to drop. People will be astounded at your physique.



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