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Today I am roaming the halls of the fun Interbike show. I'm hoping to get some good photos and news for you.


On the heels of this Interbike trip, I leave for Rhodes, Greece on Monday. I am traveling to Greece for the ITU World Cup race. When you take a look at the race website, it is fun to see the Greek language displayed on the main page.



The Greeks stepped up to host this race when another country could not secure the funding to make a World Cup race happen. I suspect this is why some of the informational sections of the website are still under construction.



For this particular event, I have been invited to be the coach that supports the ITU Sports Development Team. This is the second time this year I will travel in this role. The last time I supported the Development Team was at the Vancouver World Cup race.



I feel quite privileged and honored to be involved in the ITU Sport Development project. The Sport Development Mission is:



"To create, support, and enhance, sustainable athlete and coach development programs worldwide" - Libby Burrell, Director - ITU BG Sport Development. ITU Congress - Lausanne ‘06



To be involved in a project aimed at developing the sport of triathlon on a world-wide platform is simply amazing. This project was made possible through funding by the BG Group. Their desire to contribute to our healthy and growing sport has had a significant impact around the globe. An overview of the ITU BG Sport Development Program can be found here.



At the Rhodes event, I have the opportunity to work with ten athletes representing ten different countries. At this event, the athletes will receive the same staff support that athletes from highly developed nations are privileged to receive. That support includes a team manager, a bike mechanic, an athletic trainer/massage therapist and a coach.



I'll take plenty of photos and keep you updated.



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