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Posted by Gale Bernhardt on Jan 8, 2008 12:33:24 PM

Over the past several months we've been investigating our options for remodeling our kitchen. The house is vintage '84 and it could use some updating. The short of it is we decided complete overhaul sans appliances because those are relatively new.


We made the decision to do the job and began laying out the cash for cabinets, countertops, flooring and lights about six weeks ago. Around that time we also began the process of cleaning out cabinets. Knowing we had plenty of time, weeks, we took on a couple of cabinets and drawers at a time.



Last Friday we got the call that the contractor could tear our floor out tomorrow. We were excited and had that frantic feeling that the cupboards weren't cleaned out completely. Knowing the cupboard process would follow on the heels of the floor we decided to do push to get it all done over the weekend.



I can't believe how much stuff we had that we hadn't used for years. There were volumes of clutter, items taking space that hadn't been used for years. I'm the saver in the family and my husband is the pitch-it person. If, however, I'm in the right mood I can pitch. Thank goodness I was in a pitch mood (yeah, say that three times fast) over the weekend.



We threw away bags of stuff that was no good to anyone. Really, why did we keep that in the back of the drawer?



We assembled bags of stuff to donate. Someone will get good use of the items and we can feel good about not pitching it.



What remains is dishes, pots, pans, canned goods, sports fuels, etc...all the normal stuff found in many people's kitchen cabinets. It is now on tables in the living room and the dining room. Seems organized for now, but at the same time it is a new kind of clutter. Kitchen guts spread throughout the house is just not normal.



I'll keep you updated on the construction...



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