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Jenny's Light

Posted by Gale Bernhardt on Mar 10, 2008 12:38:42 PM

Over the weekend I received a note from Becky Lavelle, giving me an update on "Jenny's Light". This is a non-profit organization created by the families of Jennifer and Graham Gibbs Bankston in response to their tragic, unnecessary deaths from postpartum depression. Jennifer and Becky are twin sisters.


I know Becky from traveling to numerous World Cup events with her and she was a member of the 2003 Pan American Games team. She is a fantastic person and of course, a good athlete as well.



I want to help Becky get the word out about postpartum depression, an issue that is not often discussed. Perhaps more discussion could help provide better solutions and fewer tragedies.



Here is an excerpt from Becky's note:



Skirt Sports is launching a Philanthropy Campaign and for the month of March they are giving customers an opportunity to donate to Jenny's Light at check out. They have also donated $500 to our cause. They have a great selection of very hip and comfortable sports wear. Please check it out here.



Also, Ironman Coffee is kindly donating a part of their proceeds to Jenny's Light and will also be distributing a flyer of information with each shipment of coffee. If you decide to purchase some of their delicious coffee, be sure to enter "Becky" in the discount code field.



We are planning to have a lot more additions on the site on Wed Mar 12, so be sure to check back soon. In the meantime, we have numerous volunteers calling local hospitals in Minneapolis, San Jose, New Orleans, and Birmingham to find out what is currently being done with PPD (i.e. screening, literature, follow-ups, supports groups, etc). Once we gather this info we'll be able to figure out what areas are lacking resources and where we can help make improvements.



We are also in the works on getting articles printed in Inside Triathlon, Glamour Magazine, and Birmingham Magazine.



Thank you and all the best,









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