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Favorite Running Trail

Posted by Gale Bernhardt Mar 21, 2008

Yesterday I had plans to go for a run on my favorite running trail. The trail is a bit of a drive out of town, but well worth it if you have a good buddy to share the run with.


A few years back, my best buddy Cathy (aka "Buffy #1 - but that's a different story) and I trained one year for a 30K trail run and a 50K run the following year. My best memories of running come out of these two years.



Unfortunately, Cathy got the flu and we had to reschedule the run.



The photo I've included is Cathy and our dogs Pete and Shelby. Pete is the Wirehair Pointer and Shelby is the Ridgeback. Cathy is explaining to them that we need to turn around at this point in the run. The sign says:






Permits Required



For Fires or Camping



Vehicles, Weapons, Pets



& Bicycles Prohibited



Pete and Shelby do not understand what the problem is, because they are not "pets" - rather, they consider themselves just one of the gang - of people.





This photo was taken about five years ago. I hope to get you new shots, or video, in the next month.






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