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In yesterdays blog I mentioned that studies on hypoxic training in swimming have been very revealing. Indeed they have.


All studies on hypoxic training techniques in swimming have revealed that these breathing-restricted training techniques do not simulate altitude acclimatization.


Dr. Resignis and Dr. Sille have questionable research techniques and they are hoping for more than April fools to purchase their product - they need year-round fools. It appears they, and a long list of fervent investors signed up yesterday, will attempt to lure eager-to-improve cyclists and runners into their net of deception. It is rumored that they are all scheming up a plot to be multi-gazillionaires by the end of the year.


The business plan includes snorkel models of various styles and colors to be worn some 14 to 16 hours per day. They concluded athletes eager to improve would be willing to wear snorkels nearly all day, to achieve performance gains. Not surprising, there are evening wear models, complete with sequins. A foul weather model is displayed at the end of the blog, with a built-in nose plug.


Undaunted by the scientific evidence that their product does not work for altitude acclimatization, they are forging ahead. They are attempting to recruit periodontist Dr. Todd Singiser (whose office, by strange coincidence, is on Abarr Dr.) and professional engineer Scott Ellis to help on design. At press time, it is unclear whether the two professionals will lend their advice to the product design.


On a parting note, they have decided to add a product warning label, "Do not attempt to use this device while riding your bike near a cliff. Oxygen deprivation could cause a black-out and serious injury."


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