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Before this weekend’s Olympic trials races in Tuscaloosa, here is one more thing for you to think about. If Hunter Kemper doesn’t place first, but places second, he automatically gets the third spot on the team. If Sara Haskins doesn’t place first, but places second, she automatically gets the third slot on the team.






The third slots are awarded to the athletes with the two lowest combined scores from the three qualification races: 2007 BG Beijing World Cup, Tuscaloosa Alabama and Des Moines World Cup. The “score” is their finish place among USA athletes. If other athletes score first place with Sara and/or Hunter getting second, no other athlete can possibly get a combined score of less than four.


In the case that the third slots come down to scores in Des Moines, here are the current scores from the 2007 Beijing World Cup:


2 – Hunter Kemper

3 – Andy Potts

4 – Doug Friman

5 – Matt Reed

6 – Brian Fleishman


2 – Sara Haskins

3 – Julie Ertel

4 – Becky Lavelle

5 – Sara Groff

DNF – Sara McLarty


The results of Tuscaloosa might select the team in one weekend – or – make the math problem very interesting for Des Moines. As an athlete, if it comes down to Des Moines, then your competition becomes the athletes that currently have two lower scores than you do. As long as you beat those people in Des Moines, the slot is yours.


See the Selection Procedures for more details.



***Note: My bad memory was thinking that a tie score in Des Moines was awarded to the athlete with the highest World Rank. Not the case. Tie score goes to the highest placing athlete in Des Moines. See the next post.



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