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While it is really tempting to begin assigning the third Olympic team slots to a handful of athletes based on a mathmatics equation, in a World Cup race and a big money race, such as Des Moines, many things can happen to change the outcome of the team.


Pre-race illness, injury, overtraining and race day crashes are a few of the variables that make the Des Moines event interesting. There is no sure bet.



Vegas? What are the odds?



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Big congratulations to Matt Reed for winning this tough race.


Andy Potts gets second place and Hunter Kemper in third.


1 - Reed

2 - Potts

3 - Kemper


Interesting race now. For the Beijing World Cup, the places were reversed. Kemper was 2 and Potts was 3. They each go into the Des Moines race with a score of "5".



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Big, big contrats to Julie Ertel for winning in Tuscaloosa and getting the second women's Olympic slot. I followed the coverage live on


I stand (actually sit) corrected. With Sara Groff placing third in Alabama, she has a shot at the final slot. Haskins doesn't have it sewn up. If Groff is the first USA athlete across the finish line at Des Moines, then she will have a score of "4" and will get that third Olympic slot. In my last post I made the assumption that Sara Haskins would have it sewn up with a score of "4" due to her World Rank. But, not the case. (Bad transfer of memory data from the 2004 qualification process.)



So, unless there is a crash involving Groff and Haskins at Hyvee, then one of them will get that final slot. Ah, but plenty of crashes have dashed race-winning hopes.



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