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Great job, Matt Reed!

Posted by Gale Bernhardt Jun 8, 2008


Unofficially, Big Matt Reed got the job done today, securing three slots for the U.S.A. He also secured his own spot on the team. He did this by racing to a strong fifth place finish at the ITU World Championships in Vancouver, Canada.



He needed to place higher than several other men and mission accomplished. His competitors for securing that valuable country slot included these men and their respective finish places:



11. Dmitri Polyansky (Russia)



37. Brendan Sexton (Australia)



DNS. Terenzo Bozzone (New Zealand)



10. Ivan Vasiliev (Russia)



The weekend was chilly, with the swim shortened for some of the age group competitors and eliminated for others (turning the event into a duathlon).



I'll post more details on the weekend of racing on Monday after the official country slots are posted.



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