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Des Moines swim back on

Posted by Gale Bernhardt Jun 18, 2008

"Courage and extraordinary effort" in the current extreme situation is an understatement.


First, well-wishes are extended to all of the people suffering from the continuing flood issues in the Midwest. They are literally submerged in several feet of water and the water keeps coming. I hope they get a break soon.



In the face of losing homes, businesses and farms the Des Moines and Hy-Vee people are rallying to put on a world-class event. The Des Moines ITU World Cup pays the biggest prize purse on the circuit and is the final qualifier for a spot on the USA Triathlon Olympic team.



Right now, there are cautiously optimistic reports that the water quality is good enough to hold both the age group and elite races as triathlons and not cancel the swim portion of the events, turning them into duathlons.



In my last blog I reported officials said that if the swim portion was cancelled there would be an Olympic selection process based on the last four years worth of athletic performances. That has apparently changed, pending US Olympic Committee approval.



The current proposal is that should any portion of the Des Moines event need to be cancelled for any reason, the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon in Minneapolis, Minnesota on July 12 will replace the Des Moines event as selection event #3.



I'm glad to see the athletes get to race for the spots rather than have a selection process.



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