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After a brief break for the 4th of July holiday, some video work for the new TIMEX Ironman® Fitness Tracker watch (very cool product that counts steps, distance, calories, time, for walking, jogging and running accumulated throughout your day) and one day wasted canceling charge cards and banking accounts due to a stolen purse...I'll continue with the bike tour story.


In the last blog, we were staying in Grand Lake and did a mountain bike ride. On Day 6 of the ride, we decided to stay at Grand Lake and explore more mountain bike trails. The best trail map we had was vintage 1999. We did have a newer map, but it wasn't as detailed and easy to read.



The grand plan was to ride a big loop from our cabins west to "Spruce ‘em Up Jack" and make our way to Gilsonite, then Wolverine and then east toward North Supply and toward Highway 34 (similar to Day 5).



Riding today was Bill Frielingsdorf, Scott Ellis, Todd Singiser, Dennis Andersen and I.





On a grand adventure, we rode a mix of road, ATV trails (some torn up) sweet singletrack through dry forest, moo-poo pits (yech), more sweet single track through lush green forest, some tough/rocky single track and then a little snow.





For awhile, we could pick our way over the snow drifts to ride for a bit before pushing again. Soon, it was all pushing the bikes and post-holing in deeper and wider snowfields.





Hmmmm...lost the trail...dang. Snow foiled our plans again.



We spent some time trying to locate the trail and after we couldn't find it, we decided to just retrace our tracks...literally. As much as everyone wanted to ride a loop, we decided it wasn't wise without a clear trail. And...we're all getting tired.



The day ended up being much longer than we originally planned, out time was 5:44. Everyone said it would be great to go back and ride the entire loop when the snow melts.



Tomorrow, the final Day 6...Road ride from Grand Lake to Loveland.



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