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I hate geese

Posted by Gale Bernhardt Oct 20, 2008


I didn't always hate geese, but since I became a dog owner I loathe their every honk and the site of a flock of geese this time of the year tightens my jaw as my teeth clench together.






Poop. Endless poop.



I live near a park that is next to a lake. Every fall and winter, the geese congregate at the park to enjoy sweet meals of Kentucky bluegrass and paddle around the lake. Soon there will be a goose poop pile on every square inch of the park. I am not exaggerating.



It's not bad enough that if I go for a walk or a run in the park, I return home with goose poop cemented to the soles of my shoes. Worse than that, goose poop is apparently a delicacy to dogs. Most dogs cannot resist snatching a piece or two of the green goop, even if it means harsh and punishing words from the owner. Yes, eating goose poop is worth any punishment.



It's not enough that this act of snarfing goose poop is just disgusting, but in goose poop lives loads of bacteria. One particular bacteria, Clostridium, causes severe diarrhea in dogs.



To rid the dog of this bacteria, it usually involves a round of antibiotics and probiotics to get the dog's digestive system back to normal.



Meeka, my Rhodesian Ridgeback just got off of a round of Clostridium treatment about three weeks ago. Today we went for a walk in the park and there are more geese than just a week ago. They are telling their goose pals about open water and bluegrass paradise.



I want them to relocate to the cornfields and remote country lakes. I think it's hopeless.



Meeka, like some addict, can't resist.



Does your dog eat goose poo?



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