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LOOK - a new mountain bike!

Posted by Gale Bernhardt on Nov 4, 2008 3:03:29 PM

Can't wait to ride, can't wait to ride, can't wait to ride...


The short of it is I've been patiently (some would argue that "patiently" is not the correct word) for a new LOOK mountain bike. This is their first year into the full suspension market and so far the bike has gotten rave reviews from industry experts.


The first photo below shows the bike receiving some post-shipping TLC from Roy Gatesman at Peloton Cycles in Loveland, Colorado. The second photo is not the best quality, due to my error. Even though the quality of the photo isn't great, I had to include it because only the best shops let dogs visit. Meeka is seen enjoying TLC from Roy pre-run. Andy Yount is on the right side of the second shot. He is a new mechanic and a freerider currently healing a knee injury. Though I haven't seen him ride, I suspect his skills are very, very good.















Bad weather is moving in tonight. Sadly, it will be awhile before I get to go for a ride on the new LOOK. As soon as temperature and trail conditions allow, I'll go for a ride and give you a report. Until then, I'll patiently wait...



Can't wait to ride, can't wait to ride, can't wait to ride...



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