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The Good Old Days - Four Months Ago

Posted by Gale Bernhardt on Dec 22, 2008 12:25:34 PM


My riding buddy Todd and I were out on our mountain bikes about six weeks ago. We were reminiscing about the "good old days," when we had the fitness to do a race that lasted over 10 hours. Back then, a three-hour ride was "easy" that ride included hills and intensity. The good old days have slipped through our grasp like water would sneak through the creases of your cupped hands.



With the cold that sweeps the nation pushing many of us indoors and the holidays forcing all of us to focus on things outside of our ordinary routine - change can be good. While you might not have the "same" fitness as you had four months ago, perhaps it is time to look at how this time can be put to good use?



Back in warmer months when you were spending hours building your endurance many of you ignored items such as strength, left side compared to right side muscular balance, technique, flexibility, full injury repair, mental focus, body balance (like the ability to stand on one leg, bend over so your opposite leg and torso are parallel with the floor), whole food nutrition, learning something new, and other items.



Maybe it is good that some of us cannot work on endurance workouts right now? Perhaps it is something else that would benefit us more than the same old routine? A new schedule or focus for the next couple of months?



What is your answer to this question:



If you could improve one thing that is not overall endurance, that would compliment your endurance training and racing for next season, what would that be?



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