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2007 Turd Trophy Awards Gala Party...sounds fancy doesn't it? It wasn't too fancy this year, we gathered in my driveway to get the trophies before riding to Estes for our February 2008 goal. Not too much of a fancy celebration this year...but there are some good ideas for next year.


Below is a shot of several of the 2007 Estes or Bust award winners. Left to right are Peter Stackhouse, Diana Hassel, Scott Ellis, Todd Singiser, Jo Campbell and me. Missing from the photo are Lee Rhodes, Pam and Kirk Leamons. The elk commissioned Pam and Kirk to make the 2007 trophies. A close shot of the 2007 trophies is below the group photo.
















Riding from Loveland to Estes Park is my favorite ride. I love the Big Thompson Canyon. When we were riding to Estes yesterday, I was admiring the ice formations on the river. After the ride, I had to drive back up the canyon to get some pictures and video of the Big Thompson River. Several sections of canyon are included in this video link: (no longer available)



The road to Estes parallels the Big Thompson River. The road used to be right next to the river and that changed after the destructive flood of 1976. A short story can be found here with futher information available through the links on right column.


To be treated with respect and caution in bad weather, the trip to Estes on a bike is still awesome.

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