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Gym Pet Peeves

Posted by Gale Bernhardt Feb 7, 2008





Since the temps in Colorado have been...well...brisk this week, it has been back to indoor training for me. Although not my preference, it's good for me to do weight training. I did more weight training than "normal" last year and it paid dividends later in the year, I believe.



At the gym, I mind my own business and get the workout done. I understand some people like the gym for the social aspects, which is fine as long as they are conscientious of slowing other people down or hogging machines. At my gym, this hasn't been a problem.



What is a problem is that a couple of people that enjoy their perfume, cologne and or very, very fragrant body lotion also think everyone else should enjoy it as well. Holy cow people, tone down the volume or don't wear that stuff at all. It's too much, really.



Overbearing fragrances at the gym is one of my pet peeves.



My second pet peeve is for people that leave five, 45-pound plates on each side of the leg press machine. Look, you put them on there and it is great for your conditioning if you also remove them. It is also a polite thing to do.



What are your gym pet peeves?



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