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Mid-west flooding may put the Triathlon Olympic trials "race" at risk, changing the process.


The Rocky Mountains have seen unusually cool temperatures thus far. Some of the age group athletes didn't swim at the ITU World Championships due to cold water and high winds. The east coast is cooking with high temperatures and humidity. Tornados and flooding are pounding the mid-west. The flooding may change the Des Moines World Cup Triathlon into a duathlon.



Flooding in the area originally intended for the triathlon is forcing race organizers to look for alternate locations. While it is an important event for Olympic qualification, athlete safety should always come first.



If the original selection process cannot be used because of the cancellation of the swim portion of the Des Moines event, USA Triathlon will use a selection process based on athlete performances in the past four years.



The process will not be without controversy.



A column from the Des Moines Register can be found here



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