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Women's Olympic Triathlon

Posted by Gale Bernhardt Aug 17, 2008


If you don't want to know results, do not read on...I watched the race live on NBC streaming video.






The women's race definitely had some excitement and drama. There was a big pack that came out of the water together and a resulting chase pack. There was a crash in the chase pack, and perhaps some athletes unable to finish the event. (I don't know for sure now.)



Emma Snowsill, Vanessa Fernandez and Laura Bennett took out on a tear on the run. Snowsill put a surge on that Fernandez and Bennett could not match.



Snowsill was somehow misdirected on the last lap, having to jump across a barrier to be in the right lane. I don't know how this will play out.



Bennett tried to surge Fernandez off of her heels, but it didn't work. Bennett eventually faded to fifth.



1 - Snowsill (AUS)



2 - Fernandes (POR)



3 - Moffat (AUS)



4 - Bennett (USA)






11 - Haskins (USA)



19 - Ertel (USA)



As you watch race, notice the look of fatigue (or lack of) on each racer's face during the run. Also notice each racer's cadence - watch who fades and who maintains or improves cadence.



Great race. Tune into NBC Monday night for race coverage. 



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