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For some athletes it is the end of the season, for others there is still some good racing left. For me, it is riding the tide of post-race fitness. The Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race, four weeks ago, was the last race of my season.


I had a very light week the week after the race and volunteered at the Leadville 100 Running Race. A tough weekend for the runners, with a good deal of rain and some snow; but nice for me as I slept in my car with the rain gently tapping on the roof.



The next couple of weeks involved doing "workouts" when I felt like it. I like to take a break from structure and I also look for new places to go or new things to do. For example, last weekend a group of us (Scott Ellis, Todd Singiser, Steve Douglas and Dave Newman) took a trip up to Wyoming's Curt Gowdy State Park.



If you click on the link above, there is another link leading to videos showing various trails. It is really a nice park filled with plenty of singletrack. I went with riders that are significantly better on technical terrain than I am, and lucky for me, they are patient and willing to give me pointers on how to be a better rider.



I forgot my camera, but Steve posted some nice shots on his site. Click on any of the shots to enlarge the photo. (Todd with a pick axe is nice...) I'm also told that Todd got video footage of several of us riding down a steepish rocky section. Did I mention that screaming improves your ability to ride tough sections? Some people prefer grunting, others a vocal "Hi-ya!" or a "Yiyeee!" What ever works.



A couple of days ago, I got a call from one of my old trail running buddies, Don Lorenzen (aka Goatman). He offered to take me dirt bike (the kind with an engine) riding tomorrow. I snapped up that offer.



Don is a great guy and I'm told he is an incredible motorcycle rider, as well as a great moto-skills teacher. I know Don raced flat track when he was slightly younger (I've seen photos in his office) and he may have been a motocross racer as well. I'll get more details tomorrow.



I there are probably six or eight of us heading to the town of Mountain Home, Wyoming. I haven't been on a motorcycle since I was about 14 or 15. Hopefully I won't be a complete dork...






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