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Bacon cupcakes

Posted by Gale Bernhardt Jan 11, 2009

Today on the Sunday group ride, we stopped at our favorite Estes Park restaurant, the Notchtop Café.


It was a tough ride up to Estes, cold and windy. We were hungry. One discussion about food lead to another and I told the gang a bakery in Boulder made bacon cupcakes.



Don't believe me? Check out the story below from CBS News 4:



*_Tee and Cakes bakery tops chocolate cupcakes with bacon._ *



Bacon is usually considered a breakfast food, but a bakery in Boulder is putting the pork in their cupcakes.


Tee and Cakes bakery is busy Saturday mornings and it's no wonder why, sure they serve breakfast, but cupcakes are the reason the crowd lines up.


Owners Kim Boos and Brian Wood found a way to combine breakfast with dessert after tasting a chocolate bar with bacon.


"It kind of like blew our minds and we're very picky about food," Boos said.


That's when the bacon cupcake was created.


"They're definitely not for the faint of heart, I would say," Boos said.


Not many were sold at first, but it only took two months for the treat to really take off.


"The people who want a bacon cupcake want a lot of bacon on their cupcake."


To keep with the breakfast theme, maple syrup is blended into the batter.


"It's really a buttery nice maple flavored cake."


The cake is baked, then the frosting is added.


"Chocolate ganoush is really nice because we use a bittersweet chocolate and heavy crème."


Another layer of chocolate is added. Then comes the key ingredient -- crisp and crunchy bacon -- almost sprinkle-like.


"We like to load them up, but not make it too overwhelming."


Finally the taste test.


"I like bacon, I like chocolate, I like cupcakes, so why not?" a customer said.


Tee and Cakes only makes bacon cupcakes on Saturdays, but they can be custom ordered any day of the week.


They cost $2.65.



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