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Toughen up cupcake

Posted by Gale Bernhardt Jan 13, 2009

If the glow of your New Years Resolutions is beginning to dim and you are finding lame excuses to pardon yourself from sticking to your resolutions, you need to toughen up cupcake.


Need a kick in the pants? Maybe some inspiration?



Cliff Young made himself a national hero in Australia by deciding he was going to do something. He did something others thought was impossible, but because he didn't know it was impossible he did what no one else had done.



In 1983, he won the first Westfield Sydney to Melbourne Ultramarathon by running some 544 miles in overalls and work boots. At the sweet age of 61, he beat young, elite racers to the finish line. How?



First, he made up his mind that he could run for hours, no, days without sleep. While the youngsters "knew" that they would need to run about 18 hours a day and sleep the remaining 6, Cliff "knew" he could run for two or three days without sleep. He knew this because he grew up on a sheep farm where he would have to round up sheep on foot. In the face of big storms he would have to run, literally, non-stop.



Media and other racers discounted his ability to even finish the race, much less win it along with the $10,000 prize purse. A tortoise and hare story, Cliff started out slow and continuously made time on his competitors. When awarded the prize money, he ended up giving all of the winnings to several other runners.



The full story can be found here.



Eliminate your excuses and find ways to succeed.



"The price of success is perseverance. The price of failure comes cheaper." ~ Unknown.



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