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My favorite yogurt

Posted by Gale Bernhardt Mar 25, 2009

When I was in Greece for Olympic-related trips, I fell in love with their yogurt. I would have their yogurt and honey for breakfast every morning. It was the BEST. I suspected it was full-fat, but I didn't really care because I wouldn't be eating it every day for the rest of my life so a splurge was in order.


What made it so good? It was thick and creamy - a consistency similar to sour cream rather than typical yogurts I was used to having in the US.




I was able to find good Greek yogurt in some of the other European countries as well. I tried several brands, but one particular brand gave my taste buds more happiness than others. About six weeks ago I found that very brand of Greek yogurt, Fage, in a local health food store. I was really happy. Then I found it stocked at my local King Soopers - more happiness! 




Now that I find I can have it every day for the foreseeable future, I choose the 2% variety. I like it with cinnamon and a spoon full of Mom's cherry-peach preserves mixed in.




If you love yogurt and don't like thin, runny yogurt, see if Fage is stocked in your local market. (No, I am not a Fage spokesperson, just a big fan.) 



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