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For the last eight years, the group ride that leaves my driveway (quite convenient for me) has done a spring century ride. In 2002 I think there were five of us that decided to do a century in March because four

of us were training for Ironman Utah and one person was training for the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race.


The tradition stuck and we decided to name it the VE100 because we try to ride on the weekend closest to the Vernal Equinox. This year we rode our VE100 on Saturday March 21. It was the warmest VE100 conditions we had seen in eight years. Thirteen people left my driveway (below) and eleven people had the

time to complete the entire 100 miles.


Before the photo, I apologize for not remembering everyone’s last names. You can help me out by posting yours to the comment section. Left to right: Ilka Archambault, Jim Damman, Todd Singiser, Brian LN?,

Bill Frielingsdorf, Kevin Havel, Bruce Runnels, Greg LN?, Scott Ellis, Frank Dumont, Chris Luttet, and Mike O'Brien.


Just five short days later, there was a blizzard in Colorado that shut several roads down and dropped the visibility so much I ended up bagging my trail run. Due to the ground blizzards, I couldn't see my next step. Below is a photo of the front of my house again and a shot across the street. Driving home, shortly before I took the photos, I could not see a stop light that was in front of me about 100 yards or so.







One week after the VE100, eleven of us went on a ride around Horsetooth Reservoir and stopped for a bio-break and some refueling. The day was so stunning someone said, “Wish I had my camera.”


Then I remembered I had my phone with me. Voila!


On a crisp, but beautiful riding day, you can see Dave Smith, Dave McClure, Peter Stackhouse, Jeff Bruno, Carl Ciacci and Mike O’Brien.















Colorado weather is just great!



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