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Are you getting prepared for looming fun?

Posted by Gale Bernhardt on Apr 10, 2009 9:50:34 AM

As a coach, it is normal for me to look ahead three to six months. I am planning workouts for now, today and next week, that will help athletes be successful some 12, or more, weeks from now.


Looking ahead to looming fun gives me butterflies. I’m excited for the process of building fitness and I recognize that summer riding and racing is not that far away.


For me personally, it is going to be a riding kind of summer. I have two big events this summer. First, is one of those life-list items – seeing the Tour de France live. The ride is a mix of some Tour stages and some away from the Tour riding the roads of France. This trip has been in the planning since last October.


Just three short weeks after being in France, I will ride my fifth Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race. While I normally include a big block of cycling before the mountain bike race, the week is normally in Colorado and some six weeks before Leadville. It will be interesting to see how the change in training format will affect this year’s race.


With the heart of summer just two to four months away, what are you doing now to be ready for your looming fun?

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