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New cycling plans!

Posted by Gale Bernhardt Apr 15, 2009

You asked, we delivered. There are four new cycling plans live on Active Trainer. If you are new to cycling or need to get rolling again, you can easily get jump-started into an endurance program with the six week plan that takes you from zero cycling to comfortably riding 30 miles in just six weeks.


There are plans for your first 50-mile ride and for your first century ride. The plans are written with the busy person in mind. Plan lengths range from six to 12 weeks. Workout days are typically three days of cycling with optional strength training days in some of the plans. Two century plans are included, with one for a rider more concerned with comfortably completing the event and a second plan that is more performance oriented.


All the plans are designed to help you successfully train for an event and help you get into a cycling routine. Your routine can be maintained for as long as you please or you can seek new goals.


If you want to get back in the saddle, improve your current fitness level or help a buddy get fit, check out these training plans:


30-mile ride, fast track to fitness, 6-week plan[30-mile ride, fast track to fitness, 6-week plan|]

100k or 50-mile ride for limited time and fitness, 8-week plan

Level I Century Rider, 12-week plan

Level II Century Rider, improved performance, 12-week plan

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